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Vlinder is now part of LACChain Ecosystem.

Vlinder deploys its Blockchain platforms on LACChain in addition to Ethereum. Thus ensures it can be Blockchain agnostic and cater to multiple underlying Blockchains.
Vlinder is now part of LACChain Ecosystem.
LACChain Ecosystem on LinkedIn: Vlinder, the startup that enables trust, inclusion and efficiency
¡Welcome vlinder.io to the #LACChain Global Alliance! With the use of blockchain technology, #IoT and #ArtificialIntelligence, the startup provides platform...

Vlinder partners with #LACChain Global Alliance. Our Blockchain based platforms: #Klefki (Digital ID and Credentials) and #Trag (Authentication and Traceability) are now available to the Latin America and Caribbean Ecosystems using LACChain.